Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Premium available

Effective January 1, 2024, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Premium is available.


What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Premium?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Premium is a new licensing offering for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance application that empowers users with advanced business performance management capabilities. This license is required for users that want to use the business performance planning capabilities to create new plans, budgets, forecasts, reports, or insights.

This new licence also includes 200 electronic invoice and invoice capture transactions per tenant per month, as well as 50,000 AI Builder credits.


How to source Dynamics 365 Finance Premium?


From a purchasing perspective, Dynamics 365 Finance Premium is available through the Enterprise Agreement (EA)/Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA)/Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) agreements.

Purchase Minimum

There’s a minimum purchase requirement of 20 licences which can be combined across Finance and Finance Premium.


For whom are the new Dynamics 365 Finance Premium licenses recommended?

This license will only be needed for roles within the organization that are responsible for creating strategic plans, budgets, reports, and insights. Users that only need to read or make light edits to business performance planning tasks can use a Dynamics 365 Finance license. Those that only need to read reports or dashboards can use a Team Member license.


How does it compare to other Dynamics 365 Finance-related licenses?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Premium has the most capabilities out of the Dynamics 365 Finance-related products, as this table shows:

Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 Team Member Dynamics 365 Operations-Activity Dynamics 365 Finance Dynamics 365 Finance Premium
Overview Ensure people have access to data, reports, and simple tasks such as timesheet or expense entry. Equip operational workers with access to designated shipping, orders, vendor, budgets, and device activities. Enable finance with intelligent, automated, and trusted core financial-management capabilities. Empower people with advanced business-performance management capabilities.
Core Financials Read Only

Restricted Access

Full Access

Business Performance Planning (FP&A / XP&A functionality) Read Only

Restricted Access/Inputting

Admin/Creator Access

Business Performance Analytics Read Only

Core Reporting & Insights

Premium Insights

Higher Data & Compute

AI/ML AI capabilities within Dynamics 365 Finance

Capacity & Storage Higher entitlements

Future premium product innovations


What is business performance planning?

On December 31, 2023, business performance planning capabilities became generally available to Dynamics 365 Finance customers, providing a comprehensive view of financial and operational performance. These capabilities simplify and automate planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analytics through integration with familiar Microsoft Power BI and Excel environments.

Your administrator can access these capabilities for installation from the Power Platform Admin Center (PPAC). People that need to create budgets, forecasts, plans, and reports will need a Dynamics 365 Finance Premium license. However, current team member licenses will provide read access once plans, budgets, and reports are created and sent for collaboration.



What is business performance analytics?

Business performance analytics is a tool that helps finance departments handle complex data by consolidating data from various sources, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, third-party ERP systems, and operational tools to create an integrated data model that accelerates updates and automation. It offers a real-time, comprehensive view of business processes through user-friendly tools, AI-guided report and insight creation, paving the way for informed decision-making. By doing so, manual tasks are reduced, IT dependence is minimized, and decision-making processes are optimized, resulting in improved business performance.


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