Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Contractor available

Effective January 1, 2024, User Subscription Licenses (User SL) of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Contractor are available.


What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Contractor?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Contractor is a license for Field Service.

There are two types of licenses for Field Service:

  • The standard Dynamics 365 Field Service license that includes all core features and capabilities.
  • The Dynamics 365 Field Service Contractor license that includes a subset of the core features and capabilities for third-party technicians.
Feature area Dynamics 365 Field Service Dynamics 365 Field Service Contractor
Access the app from the web, mobile, and through Microsoft 365 integrations
AI assistance from Copilot in Field Service for work order creation, scheduling, summarization, and work order updates
Access to Dynamics 365 Guides and Remote Assist Guides in the Field Service mobile app
Technician performance analysis
Vendor and contractor management Limited: Contractors are limited to managing their own staff.
Planned maintenance agreements
Returns processing
Scheduling and resource dispatching Limited: Contractors can create bookings manually but don’t have access to schedule optimization with the schedule board.


More information

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